The modern workplace
is making you unhealthy.

HealthyBot is a Slack bot that helps you have a happier and healthier workday.

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Build healthy habits

Get relevant and timely health nudges that are delightful and not repeative right inside Slack. Record your actions with just one tap. New health content and habits are added regularly to keep you progressing.

Track your progress

Record your progress throughout the day with a single click and get daily nudges for the healthy habits you're looking to build.

Enjoy getting healthy

HealthyBot is fun and encouraging not demanding or judgemental. We think getting healthier should be enjoyable. Earn badges for your hardwork to keep motivated.

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Drink more water

Keep forgeting to drink water? Drinking way too much pop or coffee? Let HealthyBot nudge you to pick up that cup of water.

Improve Sitting Posture

Find out the best way to sit! Reduce neck and back pain.

Have more energy

Feeling tired and sleepy. Get nudges throughout the day to remain energized in the workplace.

Better Eating

Wanting to lose weight? Do you get really sleepy after lunch and feel bad for over-eating? Are you not sure what is healthy to bring or what to buy for lunch? Just ask HealthyBot for a personalized healthy lunch recommendation!

Exercise More

Learn how to incorporate exercises in your workplace with moves recommended by experts to prevent obesity and improve your health.

Manage Stress

Learn practical ways to deal with your stress to reduce sickness and burnout.

Achieve Focus

Do you want to feel you made an impact at work today? Get nudges to achieve laser focus in the workplace and becoming a high-performing team member.

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